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Use the powerful yet little-understood Kickstarter pre-order strategy. Launch a product while eliminating inventory risk and building a sustainable brand that's ready to scale.

This talk with Kurt Elster delves into the importance of split testing for making data-driven decisions in website design.

Get actionable insights on how to grow your Shopify store during this month's Shopify Meetup. Attend live on April 25th at 1pm pacific for a chance to submit your store and have it reviewed.

Gather tips for finding keyword optimization opportunities in your Google Search Console data in this virtual meetup featuring Kai Davis.

Learn how you can re-frame your pricing strategy to increase your revenue and attract new customers in this Virtual Shopify Meetup.

Shopify is making Accessibility a top priority. What are some of the things you need to understand about web accessibility for your Shopify site?

Time is now to figure out your BFCM strategy. Catch the full video recording as we discuss how to make the most money this Black Friday Cyber Monday.

We'll cover what's new in Google Analytics 4 and show you the current options to set up GA4 on your Shopify store. The full recording is available here.

Emmanuel's workshop-style presentation will get you sending emails in no time! Catch the full replay and all his tips to get started now.

Walk away with a simple process to create consistent email marketing that can raise brand awareness, create higher engagement, and generate more revenue.

If you missed this month's Live Shopify Store Reviews, we've got the full recording here with actionable feedback you can implement today.

Get actionable insights on how to grow your Shopify store. Attend live for a chance to submit your store to uncover issues and opportunities.

Keep your Shopify store secure with that ‘magic undo button’ and safely update your store without worrying about losing sales.

Lianna reminds us that adding small simple details in every touchpoint makes the customer experience memorable and helps you to relax a bit too.

Coming up on Tuesday, April 26th at 1pm PDT join Lianna Patch, Head Puncher at Punchline Conversion Copywriting for the next virtual Shopify Meetup Portland

Catch the Shopify Meetup Portland full video recording on how to get more organic traffic without fighting for rankings. No opt-in required.

Let's bring more qualified buyers to your Shopify store using the free search enhancement systems Google, Bing, Pinterest, and other search engines.

Another Virtual Shopify Meetup has come and gone. This time we were joined by Katie from Carthook who shared a ton of information on post-purchase offers.

By delivering upsells right after your customer checks out, and before they leave your store, you can connect with them in a key moment.

We visited stores that specialize in tabletop games, social justice, pot pies, electronics, and party supplies. Much of our advice is applicable across all stores.

Let's kick off the new year with another Shopify Meetup. This time we're doing Live Shopify Store Reviews on January 12, 2022.

For this session, we did an AMA style meetup where attendees could "Ask Me Anything". No questions on email marketing or Klaviyo were off limits.

Questions around retention strategies, what types of emails you should send, how soon you should start your holiday campaigns this year, and more are welcome.

Offering product protection isn't because you sell bad products. You offer product protection because life throws us curve balls and things happen.

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