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Since you’re here, I’m guessing you have a question about the JSON-LD for SEO app.

Below you’ll find articles and help docs for the app. Alternatively, you can also use the search box if you’re not sure which article you’re looking for.

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Shopify SEO

Shopify SEO: The Non-Technical Handbook to grow your store traffic
Control how your Shopify store appears in the search results
Why you might not need an SEO app for Shopify
Are keywords in Shopify SEO apps worthless?
Is SEO still important?
Simple yet powerful SEO tips for your Shopify store – A Shopify Meetup Recap
Handle discontinued products in Shopify and still make a profit
Improve collection page SEO with this guide

Shopify Review Apps

Product Review apps supported by JSON-LD for SEO
Recommended product review apps for Shopify

Customizing structured data

Adding FAQPage Rich Results in Shopify with JSON-LD for SEO
Getting Video Rich Snippets for Shopify with JSON-LD for SEO
Adding Recipe Schema for Rich Snippets
Removing the invalid structured data from your Shopify theme – microdata and JSON-LD
Configuring price modifiers like VAT
Customizing the product availability
Adding and linking custom structured data to JSON-LD for SEO
Telling Google that your Shopify store sells used products
Add product structured data to your Shopify homepage for Rich Results
Configuring minimum quantity products in Google Merchant Center

Google and search engine updates

Shipping details showing in organic search with Rich Results
The 411 on Google’s Core Web Vitals
Google’s Review Snippets severely impacted by recent Google algorithm changes
Google Image Search is now showing product availability
Google’s update that impacts Rich Results & Merchant Center
Show your products on Google's Shopping tab without a feed

Recent JSON-LD for SEO App Updates

Compatibility with Shopify’s Online Store 2.0
New Shopify Integration with App Embed Blocks
Include subscription prices in Rich Results
Add unique @id to variants to link custom data
New Review app integrations
New Recipe fields for Guided Recipe and Recipe structured data
New HowTo Generator and structured data to qualify for How To Rich Results
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General questions

How to install JSON-LD for SEO
Uninstall JSON-LD for SEO
What are your support hours?
Shopify App Refund Policy
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