Make the Most Money This Black Friday Cyber Monday - A Shopify Meetup

With the huge spike in online shopping over the last two years, Black Friday 2022 is tracking to be the biggest sales event in e-commerce history.

So here’s some friendly advice: figure out your BFCM strategy ASAP.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, that’s what this session is about! On October 4th at 2pm pacific, Emmanuel will review:

  • the 4 major marketing strategies that are required to capture sales in your business, and
  • the 4 operations areas of the business that are required to not miss out on sales in your e-commerce business

Emmanuel Eleyae is the Founder & CEO of Eleyae Systems and has generated over $30 million in revenue from scratch with their first brand, graceeleyae in less than five years. Eleyae Systems helps other 6 and 7-figure eCommerce founders do the same, but faster! We take a systematic approach to growth and build systems that build brands online that are effective, repeatable, and scalable.

Links from the session:

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