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As a meetup organizer, I know how hard it is to find speakers. I’d love to be on your podcast, speak at your event, and/or write on your blog. Topics I’m passionate about:

E-commerce related topics that increase revenue without breaking the bank

  1. The safest, easiest, and most effective way to stand out from your competitors on Google Search results.
  2. How the data on your product pages impact Merchant Center and why it could be causing your ads to be declined.
  3. Get more organic traffic to your Shopify store without fighting for rankings.
  4. Understanding Google Search Console’s search enhancement critical and non-critical issues and which of them need your attention.
  5. Your customer’s experience on Shopify has a direct correlation to sales.
  6. The easiest and most obvious changes to a Shopify store to reach your goals.
  7. Increase revenue and market share by designing for inclusivity (disabilities, race, and gender).

Some questions you could ask me:

  • What is structured data, how does it impact SEO, and why should Shopify store owners care?
  • How can store owners increase traffic to their site without using ads?
  • What exactly does inclusivity mean and how does that relate to e-commerce?
  • A client comes to you wanting to redesign their Shopify store. What questions do you ask?
  • What are the specific design mistakes merchants make time and time again?
  • Why are you so adamantly opposed to social feeds on websites?

Business / Personal related

  • What it’s like to break into a male-dominated career.
  • What aspiring developers aren’t told before they switch careers.
  • Starting a solo consulting business.

Some questions you could ask me:

  • What advice would you give to someone looking to learn more about development?
  • What can businesses do to increase diversity in their candidate pool?
  • How has your background in HR shaped your business in design?

If you’d like to book me, email your pitch to or fill out the request form below and we’ll get the details taken care of.


Ilana Davis is a Shopify Superhero and the owner of two Shopify apps; JSON-LD for SEO, an app that gets Shopify stores more organic traffic through Rich Results, and Linking Llama, an app that links complementary, comparable, or related products to improve your SEO and UX.



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