Live Shopify Store Reviews - A Shopify Meetup

By Ilana Davis

Earlier this year we held a meetup on Live Shopify Store Reviews and it went so well that I decided it was worth offering on a regular basis.

So if you missed getting your store reviewed, now’s your chance.

Join us on June 14th at 1pm PDT.

Get actionable insights on how to grow your Shopify store during this month’s Shopify Meetup. We’ll walk through your store live, uncovering issues and opportunities that can reduce customer service calls, increase conversions plus improve SEO and web accessibility.

Attend live for a chance to submit your store and have it reviewed by Anne, Kai, and Ilana.

Meet our reviewers:

Anne Thomas, Co-founder of Design Packs, has over 14 years of experience in web development and has helped create some of the best Shopify themes in the market. She spent 4.5 years at Out of the Sandbox as the Technical Director working on themes such as Turbo and Flex. Her knowledge of the Shopify platform runs deep and when she isn’t working on Design Packs, she’s consulting with Shop Critique offering up Shopify audits!

Kai Davis helps Shopify Stores get more traffic from Google and sell more to their customers with SEO Strategy and Growth + SEO Teardowns. With over a decade of experience helping stores grow, let him help you Double Your Ecommerce. Kai is the CEO and founder of Double Your Ecommerce.

Ilana Davis is a Shopify Superhero who works with e-commerce shops to remove friction from the buying process. She’s the owner of JSON-LD for SEO, a Shopify app that gets you more organic traffic through Rich Results. Ilana rescues websites to attract more visitors, provide better SEO, and increase conversion rates at a fraction of the cost of a full redesign.

PS: If you were hoping to see the recording from our recent meetup “What if I could turn back time?”, unfortunately, the recording was unpublishable.


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