Kind Words From Clients

Joining forces with my fantastic clients to bring down their villains.

Sales are up and our website looks great. I would recommend Ilana to other business owners who need to establish, improve, or upgrade their websites to operate effectively online. As a business owner, it's often difficult to prioritize endless tasks that need to be accomplished, and she was great at honing in on what matters most from both a technical / SEO and functional business perspective. I'm so glad to have Ilana as a go-to resource for future projects.

Palette and Parlor

Ivy Simon
Founder, Palette & Parlor, Shopify store

After leaving my Etsy shop and rushing to get my site live on Shopify, I knew more could be done to improve the customer experience, I just didn't know what that was. Ilana gave recommendations from the navigation menu to the product variations and it was exactly what I needed to whip my site into shape. I've just totally revamped my Shopify website for the better. I highly recommend a Website Review to anyone looking for an honest and informed review of their website.  For Shopify newbies, this is a must if you want your site to be attractive and easy for shoppers.

Buttons for the People

River Wolfe
Buttons for the People, Shopify store

The Website Review was incredibly helpful. I needed someone to take a look at my Shopify site to see if there was any room for improvement. I liked my home page, however I just wanted to make sure the theme was appropriate and I needed Ilana to provide her expertise. I truly appreciated her honesty and professional approach. It was also great to have the video for future references instead of jumping on a phone call. Without a doubt, I’d recommend this service to others.

Pink Pig

Debb Schrodt
Pink Pig Shopify store

Ilana really listened to my concerns, fixed my Shopify site, and shared the why and what behind what needed to be done. My website is much better working and so much more functional. Working with her was a very pleasant experience. I learned a lot and love my website.

Florencia Beauty

Florencia Beauty, Shopify store

I had nearly 100 Google warnings on my Shopify homepage alone, let alone each of my product pages, causing concerns around what structured data was valid and if I could get Rich Results. I was referred to Ilana to help clean up the theme microdata, the root cause of my warnings. At first I was hesitant to give backend access to my Shopify store, but Ilana was prompt, fast and easy to communicate. I’d recommend her services again. She’s a solid communicator, fast turn around (within a day), and overall great experience.

Three Drops of Life

Jeff Curtis
Three Drops of Life Shopify store

Thanks to Ilana, PDXWIT now has a website that matches the high caliber organization we are. It is a vast improvement in every way possible: user experience, accessibility, design aesthetic. She taught me a lot about accessibility and how to create a beautiful site that can reach audiences of all types. So much thought went into every detail and I feel excited and proud every time I have the opportunity to share it with someone.

Elizabeth Stock
Executive Director, Portland Women in Technology

Simply blown away by the quality of feedback - super detail-oriented, relevant, and incredibly useful. As the owner, sometimes I'm too close to the store to notice if anything that is off. An hour of Ilana dissecting the site is pure gold.


John Chen
Owner, PoshShoppe, Shopify Store

I was too close to my Shopify store and thought that a beautiful site was enough to make sales. Working with Ilana showed me where I could make minor changes to increase conversions while keeping the integrity of the design. Her advice was entirely objective, focusing on generating more conversions and better SEO for the site.

Shopify store

Anyone who has had a website for a few years, even if it's working well, should have an outside expert go through it with a fresh pair of eyes. Ilana was easy to work with and enjoyable to talk with, but don't let that trick you into thinking that's all you get... She coded parts for our website herself, making it more user-friendly and faster-loading. She was always prompt to answer my questions and offer suggestions, but never pushed her view over ours. Ilana very clearly laid out our itinerary for the project in detail, yet was flexible so that we could change things along the way to create an even better result. We've received great customer feedback on the changes Ilana made which will provide a great return on investment. Perhaps I'll be able to increase my salary next year!

Triple Mountain

Eleda Towle
Triple Mountain, Shopify store