What if you could turn back time? A Shopify Meetup

By Ilana Davis

I’m a planner. Are you?

I think about the worst-case scenarios but in reality, it’s worse than I could ever imagine.

Let’s play a quick game.


Never have I ever deleted an entire product from Shopify.

Never have I ever lost an entire afternoon re-writing content on my site because it got deleted * somehow * and CTL Z didn’t work.

Never have I ever installed an app on my Shopify site that broke something.

Never have I ever given access to my site and that person did something, whether on purpose or not, that caused me to lose data.

Never have I ever allowed someone else to write code for my Shopify site, have no clue what they did or where only to find out the code change broke the site.

Never have I ever deleted my entire product database during a migration from one platform to another. (eek I really hope this hasn’t happened to anyone)

If you’ve answered “yep that happened” or “sorta” to any of the scenarios above, this next meetup is for you. And if you answered no, it’s only a matter of time (sorry if I just jinxed you).

What if I could turn back time?

The next installment for Shopify Meetup Portland is happening on May 24th at 1pm pacific.

This is one of those topics where you don’t know you need it until it’s too late.

Join me for What if I could turn back time?

We’ll be discussing how to keep your store secure, the need (and want) for that ‘magic undo button’ and how you can safely test, trial and update your store (even during the busiest season) and never worry about losing sales or momentum.

As the General Manager, Daniel leads business ventures for Rewind in the Ecommerce ecosystem. He has lead projects and consulted for organizations including ASOS, Heineken, and AKQA, with a focus on online retail. He is a successful entrepreneur, having built (and exited) two apps. He is currently running his third. When he isn’t growing the ecommerce business for Rewind or building another successful app, he enjoys spending time with his partner and two young daughters in his home in Copenhagen, Denmark.


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