9 Ways to Write Higher-Converting Copy (Without Sounding Sleazy) - A Shopify Meetup

By Ilana Davis

Coming up on Tuesday, April 26th at 1pm PDT we’ll be talking about 9 Ways to Write Higher-Converting Copy (Without Sounding Sleazy) with Lianna Patch, Head Puncher at Punchline Conversion Copywriting.

Learn 4 musts of high-converting copy (including customer research how-tos), 3 emails very few sellers are sending but absolutely should be, and 4 common conversion-killing copy mistakes. Don’t worry about the math.

Lianna Patch is a conversion copywriter and comedian whose greatest dream is to make your customers pause, smile, and click (in that order). Conquer campaigns with her at Punchline Conversion Copywriting, or get quick copy jobs done at SNAP Copy.

The meetup is completely virtual and open to everyone no matter where you listen from. I hope to see you there!


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