Frequently Asked Questions


What are your support hours?

It’s my policy to work Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm PST. Weekends and nights are reserved for my family.

I do take time off for US holidays and vacations.

The best way to reach me at any time is by emailing This helps me to keep track of your email and respond as soon as I can.

You can also use my self-service Knowledge Base and check out the JSON-LD for SEO FAQ page.

What is your refund policy for your Shopify apps?

The Terms and Conditions contain the full policies and legal terms.

If the app is not performing as you expected, please contact me before uninstalling.

I’m a small, independent business so it’s in both of our interests to find a solution to any problem, getting you the most value from my apps. An uninstall and refund request should not be the first option.

JSON-LD for SEO refund policy

If JSON-LD for SEO cannot be installed into your theme automatically, contact me at and I’ll be happy to investigate with you. Every theme on Shopify should be able to install the app without issue however we are unable to work with headless stores.

A refund will only be given if JSON-LD for SEO cannot be installed.

Refunds will not be given if:

  • the JSON-LD structured data is exported into a valid format for Schema Markup Validator, or
  • your theme has incorrect structured data that Schema Markup Validator or the Google Rich Results Testing Tool is also reporting, or
  • your search listings do not change or you do not get Rich Results or other search enhancements since this is controlled by Google and other search engines and no one is able to control these except for them, or
  • JSON-LD for SEO is unable to access the structured data for your product reviews or if a 3rd party app breaks the integration.

If you think you have an installation problem, contact me at

Is there an affiliate program for JSON-LD for SEO?

There is not now, nor will there ever be an affiliate program for JSON-LD for SEO.

Those who recommend JSON-LD for SEO do so because they know the app gets the job done, not because they get paid for it.

The way I will show my gratitude for referrals sent my way is by going above and beyond for the customer in the same way I do for all my customers.

In the end, this will serve the customer best. I firmly believe the referral should be in the best interest of the customer and not who pays the best.


What platforms do you work with?

Shopify is my specialty.

Will you provide a web accessibility certification?

My focus is on providing insight into how you can make your website more accessible. I strive to meet the WCAG 2.1 guidelines. I am not a certified accessibility auditor and I’m unable to provide a web accessibility certification. If you are in litigation, please consult with your legal counsel as I cannot provide legal advice.

Do you create content or copywriting?

You know your audience and product better than I do, so I’ll ask that you supply the source content I’ll work with. Photos, illustrations, and copywriting. I’ll then punch that up and lay it out nicely on your website.

How does ongoing maintenance work?

To aid current clients with ongoing improvements, and to make managing the process as simple as possible, I do offer a retainer. Retainers are paid in advance and reserved for three months at a time. They can be used to handle any design/development task related to improving your business.

Common requests:

  • Ongoing conversion rate optimizations
  • Changing fonts, font size, or colors
  • Updating content
  • Adding sections or custom blocks​
  • New app installation and set up
  • Consulting

Policies, Process & Procedures

How do deposits work?

All projects are 100% due upon receipt of the invoice. Except where required by law, paid fees are non-refundable.

What’s your hourly rate?

Most projects are fixed price, fixed scope, and billed upfront. This ensures that you always know exactly what you’re paying and for what outcome. Fixed prices mean no blown budgets.

Do you offer a warranty?

I am available to answer questions about any engagement during the project and for 30 days after delivery. I will correct any bugs in themes caused by source code or data developed or modified by me at no charge for a period of thirty (30) days following the installation of such theme code onto a live site.

Can you provide references?

I’m discreet with clients and protect their time from interruption— just like I will with you when we work together.

Will you sign my NDA?

As a precondition for talking with a potential client, I will never sign an NDA. (The only exception is when working with celebrities.) If you don’t trust me enough to know that I won’t snitch, then we’re not a good fit.

Could you discount your products or services?

Running a small business myself, I can certainly appreciate wanting a price break. But with paying clients – including non-profits and tiny startups – all paying full price, I can’t make a business case for discounts.

Can we pay you with equity?

Equity isn’t a good fit for me.

Do you accept or give referral kickbacks?

Of course, I would be grateful for any referrals I receive and in return send folks to others where the needs don’t meet my specialty.

The way I will show my gratitude for referrals sent my way is by going above and beyond for the customer referred to me in the same way I do for all my customers.

In the end, this will serve the customer best rather than my paying or receiving a referral kickback. I firmly believe the referral should be in the best interest of the customer and not who pays the best kickback. Here are a few folks I recommend.

How can I share files or documents with you?

For large files or groups of files, Google Drive is your best option. To share documents, I prefer Google Docs.

What other terms and conditions do you have?

My full Master Services Agreement is available anytime at

Working with Ilana Davis

Who do you typically work with?

It’s just me, myself, and I so I can only commit to a few projects at a time. Limiting the number of projects allows me to offer the highest level of service while maintaining the closeness to my customers that ensures the best results.

You’ll get the most out of working with me if:

  • You appreciate open and honest communication.
  • You allow your audience’s expectations and business goals to drive decisions in the design.
  • You let me do what I do best.

If you’re a business that supports women, BIPOC, Trans, and/or Gender Non-Conforming and values diverse points of view, we’ll work very well together. If you cannot accept this, I cannot accept your money.

What’s your availability?

It’s my policy to work Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm PST. Weekends and nights are reserved for my family.

Emails are usually responded to within 24 hours during the workweek. Random calls or texts are not guaranteed to be answered. All requests must happen through email. If you have an extremely urgent issue, I am available at a rush fee of $500/hour for work occurring outside standard hours.

What should I expect from working with Ilana Davis LLC?

I want you to know that you have the right to expect the following standards from me…

You will be respected as a person and never taken for granted.

You’ll find I’m honest and upfront with you at all times. I won’t try and sell you anything you don’t need.

You’ll receive a timeline from me to keep your project moving ahead swiftly. You’ll have my 100% commitment to stick to the dates outlined and deliver on time, within budget and with superior results.

You’ll receive prompt turnaround on all your projects, small or large, but without sacrificing quality. You’ll save plenty of time and frustration.

You’ll rarely find my services to be the cheapest in the market. You will, however, always get the best quality and value to give your business real benefits.

Your investment in my services and products will always be rewarded with exceptional quality and a purpose-driven solution that will add significantly to your business.

As you refer your friends and colleagues to me you’re assured they will also receive the same standard of work, so you can feel good about referring.

You won’t get billed any hidden costs. You’ll receive your solution for the price I give, and if the project specifics change and this is impossible, you’ll always be notified upfront when it arises, not when you receive an invoice.

Your feedback is critical to my continual ongoing improvements. If I make a mistake please tell me, and also let me know when I do well. Your ideas, comments, and suggestions are always welcome. If I do make a mistake you can be assured I will address it earnestly and learn from it to improve my processes.

What does Ilana Davis LLC expect from me?

It’s important that I have your commitment and dedication to the smooth running of every project you send my way. To ensure that I can deliver what I promise, I ask you to please make note of the following standards…

You are prepared to invest time as required for your project so that I can continue to provide solutions that build your business successfully.

You will offer honest feedback at all times. This includes giving praise when I’ve helped you achieve the results you’re after, and offering suggestions to me if I make a mistake.

You will be honest, truthful, and upfront with me at all times. If you have an issue with me, you will talk to me first so that we can resolve your concerns quickly and efficiently.

You will appoint one key decision-maker who I will communicate with directly. Please appreciate my commitment to obtain decisions swiftly to keep your project running on time and within budget.

You are committed to providing the information I require, amendments, and sign-off in a prompt manner in order to achieve the project timeline. In instances where this is not possible, we will adjust the time-frame accordingly.

If I call and leave a message for you or send you an email, you will acknowledge this communication with me before the end of the next working day. I will also display this courtesy.

You will make yourself available for pre-arranged meetings at your earliest convenience so that we can keep your project running to schedule and meet your deadlines. I, of course, will do the same in return.

Your patience is appreciated. Sometimes tasks in the digital world take longer than expected, and I know your time is valuable.