Lessons Learned: Code Review

I had my first informal code review yesterday. By informal, I mean my lead and I sat in a room and just went through the website I recently built for a client.

It’s always hard when someone calls your baby ‘ugly’ but I also think character is built when you take criticism well. We weren’t going to do a review, but I specifically asked for two reasons.

  1. To make sure I wasn’t delivering a shoddy product
  2. To learn from my mistakes and their expertise
my lessons:
  • Mobile first is easier than last.
  • Assume everyone will look at the site on a mobile device.
  • You have to test on various browsers – IE is still prevalent no matter how much you avoid it.
  • Bootstrap is structured so that you use a container, row and columns.
  • Usually, if you add rows and columns at the start of your section, you don’t need to repeat yourself through out that section unless you are creating multiple columns.
  • Embracing technologies you haven’t used before, in this case jquery, is fun.
  • Estimating is hard so under commit and over deliver.
  • Ask for a code review as soon as possible instead of waiting until the end.
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