Why is this not getting me more sales?

By Ilana Davis

“Why isn’t getting me more sales?”

  1. How long has it been?
  2. Have you touched it at all?

The timing is really important. Trying something new such as an SEO app for Shopify takes time.

Using this example, Google itself can take a few days or a few weeks before it recrawls your site. Then add time on top of that before you start to appear in search results.

So if you tell me it’s been a week or two, my next response is to be patient. Even if it’s been a month or more, still be patient. Some stores take months before Google will start to index your site.

The reason I ask if you’ve touched it at all, is because when you make and changes to your , you’ve essentially started your test over again.

Testing is really important with ecommerce stores. What works for one may not work for another. It’s best if you give something a try, let it sit for a bit (see above on timing).

There is a fine line between being patient and wasting time. I get that. So there isn’t a magic number of days. Use your tools such as Google Analytics over the period of at least a month maybe two, before you make any conclusions if something is working or not.

If you feel like something isn’t working, make a minor change. Test for another few months and see how it goes.

Making too many changes too fast will only hurt you in the long run.

So be patient!


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