Linking Llama now likes to link to collections

By Ilana Davis

I'm excited to announce that Linking Llama now supports collections. This means you can link products and collections like

  • products to products
  • products to collections
  • collections to collections

Linking Llama app example of linking from a collection to/from an out of stock product and selecting to only show product links if the product is available.

With this release, you can also add Linking Llama to your collections page.

These extend what the app is capable of so it can now go beyond linking complementary products. You can do things like

  • link a product to your accessories collection,
  • connect two complementary collections, or
  • highlight your best products in a collection

Collections are available to all app subscribers. If you don't have Linking Llama, you can go here to learn more about it and sign up on your Shopify store.

Happy linking


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