Prevent linking to unavailable products with Linking Llama

By Ilana Davis

Creating links between two products can be beneficial in a few different ways and perhaps the most important piece is on SEO.

Search engines love internal links because it tells them these two pages are related and important.

Yet, you may not always want to link to an unavailable product.

This is especially the case when connecting a discontinued product to another product. Linking back to a discontinued product is good for SEO (more internal links) but a poor shopping experience for your customer.

Linking Llama links to both available and unavailable products for all links. That means both pages link to each other.

You have the options when setting up your links. You can show products that include:

  1. available and unavailable products
  2. only available products

The setting uses Shopify's definition of what's available or not and is set per link you create.

Editing link section in Linking Llama highlighting the setting to link products with availability setting. The setting has two options to link to available and unavailable products OR link to only available products.

Let's use the example of our discontinued Peach Bow Tie product. In Linking Llama, we have it set up to link to the Orange Headband product.

By selecting "only available products" in the setting, the Peach Bow Tie will link to the Orange Headband. The Orange Headband will NOT link to the Peach Bow Tie because the bow tie product is out-of-stock.

Diagram for the Show Product Links To setting in Linking Llama

Now you can build out as many links as you'd like and configure links based on product availability.

Use this article to help setup your product links in Linking Llama.


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Linking Llama

Link discontinued products to their best substitute. Keep discontinued products published on your website and continue to benefit from traffic to these pages.