Setting Up Linking Llama

By Ilana Davis

I’ll assume that you’ve already purchased the Linking Llama app for your Shopify store. If not, you can install the app here:

Link products to their best substitute or complementary item. Create links to products to improve SEO.

Install on Shopify App Store

Once purchased, you can follow the steps below to setup the app for your Shopify store.

Here’s the quick process of setting up Linking Llama:

Step 1: Link Products and/or Collections

Create a link to your content. You can link to a product, collection, or blog post.

  1. From the app, select New Link.
  2. Select Product, Collection, or Blog Article from the first drop-down.
  3. Enter a name you want to link together into the first Search field and select Search.
  4. Select Product, Collection, or Blog Article from the second drop-down.
  5. Enter the second name you want to link together under "linked with" and select Search.
  6. Under Link Settings, determine if you want to link to a product regardless if it's available or unavailable, or if you only wan to link to available products.
  7. Select Create Link.
  8. Repeat the above steps for adding more links.
Creating a New Link in Linking Llama showing the ability to search for products or collections to link together and Link Settings.

Linking to unavailable products

Though Linking Llama links to both available and unavailable products, that may not be the best option for your customer expereince.

There is a setting in Linking Llama where you can choose to show product links on available and unavailable products, or available products only.

Use the Prevent linking to unavailable products with Linking Llama article to help you with this setting.

Bulk Imports

If you have a lot of links to set up, I recommend using the Bulk Imports guide to help speed up the setup process.

Step 2: Add theme section

Once you've created your links, add the Linking Llama section to your product, collection, or blog posts templates in the theme editor.

  1. From the app homepage, select Add to theme. This will open up a new window and take you to your Shopify theme customizer.
  2. Navigate to your Product, Collection, or Blog Posts template if you're not already there.
  3. The Linking Llama block should be added automatically but if not, select Add Block or Add Section depending on where on the page you want the Linking Llama block to appear.
  4. Configure settings for the app block as needed for text content, font, colors, and if you want to show products and/or collections for that block.
  5. Once done, select Save.
Selecting product template from the Shopify Theme Customizer In the theme customizer, the Linking Llama app has been added to the product template and settings on the right side are available for customization. Save button is highlighted green to make sure you save.

Then you're all set. I recommend viewing the pages live on your site to make sure the section looks the way you want it to look.

If you have questions, please contact me using the help icon below.


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Linking Llama

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