More Shopify stores starting to focus on SEO as the economy slows

As the economy slows down I’m hearing more and more people looking into SEO as a way to keep their store attracting new customers.

Some stores that relied on paid traffic are needing to run leaner, while others are seeing very little ad competition. But in both cases many are wanting another traffic leg to stand on in case paid traffic stops working altogether.

Building up your SEO traffic is a long-term play that’s measured in months and years but you can see incremental gains month-by-month and sometimes week-by-week. The strategy benefits from having many small improvements over-time which makes it a great second/backup traffic source.

You can get started by going through my Shopify SEO guide. It covers a dozen of the important areas Shopify stores need to work on while ignoring the parts that Shopify and your theme handle for you automatically (e.g. sitemaps, CDNs).

One of those areas that every Shopify store needs work on is structured data. That’s a type of data that helps Google understand your pages and in return they’ll reward your pages with search enhancements that help you attract more clicks and traffic.

Using my app JSON-LD for SEO you can get the most important structured data added to your Shopify store automatically, without having to re-enter your data or code it all yourself.

Eric Davis

Get more organic search traffic for your Shopify store

JSON-LD for SEO. Instantly add advanced SEO features to your store.

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Get more organic search traffic for your Shopify store