How to fix the invalid object type for field brand issue in Google Search Console

By Ilana Davis

One of the most common non-critical issues in Google Search Console's Search Enhancement reports is around the brand type. We often see the invalid object type for field brand warning because Shopify themes or Shopify apps haven't updated their code to use the proper brand type.

JSON-LD for SEO customers don't have to worry about incorrect data because we use the correct object type for the brand field. You may still see these issues if you have another set of data coming from your theme or another app.

It's not as bad as it sounds though and simple to fix if you need it. But first, some background.

Non-critical issues in Google mean they want you to provide the missing data if you can. The requested fields can help improve the quality of your structured data though not necessary to be eligible for rich results. Google may be able to figure out the missing data as part of their algorithm, but it's best to provide the data if you can.

Non-critical issues for fields like the brand type are recommended but not required. It's best to have at least one set of quality data in the event that Google decides to make these fields required in the future.

For Google Rich Results, the "brand" is only used for Image Rich Results at the moment. Though I wouldn't be surprised to see this change in the future. Bing does show the "brand" field in regular search results. So it is worth making sure you have at least one set of product structured data without the issue.

In some cases though, Search Console cries wolf.

You see, Search Console has a history of raising issues that don't actually impact Google Search.

Google Search will look at all the structured data on the page and use the higher-quality set of data from JSON-LD for SEO. They will ignore all other structured data from your theme.

I wish Search Console would recognize when you have a good set of data coming from JSON-LD for SEO but it doesn't. The tool just spits out a report based on its finding without analyzing the information.

If I wasn't clear before, if you have JSON-LD for SEO, you can ignore this issue. We already provide the correct information in your structured data. If not, well shameless plug to install the app on your Shopify store today here:

And for those who just want the non-critical issue to go away, here's how to fix the invalid object type for field brand.

Though you don't need to know how to code, you will need to know what code you're looking for.

In most cases, when you see the invalid object type for field brand, it's likely because the theme code is using the brand type as a Thing, but it should be Brand.

In your code, look for the JSON-LD structured data:

  "brand": {
    "@type": "Thing",
    "name": "Best Store Ever"

and replace it with:

  "brand": {
    "@type": "Brand",
    "name": "Best Store Ever"

Again, super simple, but first you have to find the offending code. Every theme is different so you may need to search through your files to find it. You can also contact your theme provider for help. In fact, when you talk to them, tell them to fix it as they should have fixed this a long time ago.


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