How to hide product prices from Google

By Ilana Davis

Shopify stores continue to struggle when hiding product prices from Google. There could be a variety of reasons you may not want to show prices in search results.

  1. Manufacture won't allow prices to be public
  2. You want customers to call for pricing
  3. You offer a free sample (as a variant or standalone product) but don't want to advertise it

The simplest solution is to set the entire page to noindex, but this would prevent Google from indexing the page in search results entirely. Not good.

Hiding prices from Google is tricky and there may not be a single answer. Here are a few options to try.

Remove the price visually

With Shopify 2.0 themes, hiding the product price via the Product Information section is fairly easy. For many newer themes, price is a section block you can simply hide or delete altogether. Shopify has a simple tutorial on how to edit theme sections and blocks if you need help.

Legacy themes (Shopify 1.0) require you to edit the code to remove the product price. Sorry, no specific advice on how to do this as every theme is different and Shopify Support won't help you here. Ultimately, moving to a 2.0 theme may be in your favor.

Unfortunately, this only hides the price from customers visually. The prices are still in the source code. Search engines like Google can still see the structured data and product details in the HTML.

Set the price to $0

I've seen many stores find success by setting the price to $0 with JSON-LD for SEO. So this may work, but Google changes their algorithm regularly so you'll want to check on your results often.

Remember that $0 is a valid price. When your price is set to $0, you may still qualify to show the price in Rich Results and show your product is free. Google has gone back and forth on whether or not "free" products are shown as Rich Results. As of the date of this article, I'm NOT seeing zero-priced (free) products in Rich Results.

One (not good) option is to remove the price from the structured data, but this will cause the structured data to error out. Price is a required field. So you can't just remove the price, you'd have to remove the product structured data entirely.

Meaning you can't quality for product Rich Results without price.

Though JSON-LD for SEO hides zero priced product structured data automatically, you may still have pricing data on the page from your theme or other apps.

Anything else to hide prices from Google?

We can't guarantee that Google will not show the price in search results.

Search engines may scan the product page and pull out anything they want to include in search results. Even if you remove the structured data and opengraph tags from your theme, they can still find the price in the source code. So you may also need to remove the price from the liquid code entirely which can be difficult, to say the least.

Unless you completely hide all prices visibly and in the source code, you cannot control or guarantee the data to be excluded. Using the options above may get you close though, so it's worth a try.

You may have to try a few different things to see what works.


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