Differences in results between JSON-LD for SEO's plans

Chris was asking the other day:

We just installed your basic plan. Do we expect to see the same result you listed in your calculation ?

The calculation Chris was referring to was some results I’ve seen with JSON-LD for SEO’s Plus+ customers, where about 92% of them have gotten Rich Snippets within the first 4 months of installing.

In general, all of the app’s plans should achieve similar results.

The JSON-LD snippet for both the Basic and Plus+ plans are the same, so Google would see the same data. In theory, the stores using the Basic plan would see the similar results.

Though the Plus+ stores get some extra help from the monitoring that’s included. Sometimes I’ll find SEO and non-SEO things that are hurting the store and then I’ll give recommendations on how to fix those.

The Plus+ plan also includes a copy of Shopify SEO: Simplified which I’ve just launched.

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