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Website Rescues ℠

Website Rescues ℠

Is your Shopify theme a smoldering mess?

Is this you? - You have a website. People visit, sometimes. It's been a few years since you've made changes, it’s up and it works - mostly. You have noticed that sales are not great and traffic is either dwindling or never amounted to much.

Perhaps you're thinking about making changes to your store, but it's not your expertise. Even if you wanted to make a change, you're not sure what to change to move the needle. Since business isn't booming, you can't afford a pricey redesign that will take months.

A from-scratch theme redesign can be costly and risky if you just hand over the code to Lex Luthor

The cost of hiring a Shopify Expert agency to build a new theme for your store starts in the 5-figure range. For example, one agency starts at $15,000 to set up and customize an off the shelf theme (not a custom theme). Another agency charges $10-25k+. I saw one agency that starts at $40,000!

Sometimes a brand new theme is justified but that’s a lot of money to throw away on an unproven theme design which could end up hurting your conversions and SEO after it’s launched. That’s why it’s sometimes better to start with what’s working already (your current theme) than to throw everything out and start over.

Don't redesign your Shopify store, rescue it.

Use what you've already got and make improvements to bring your store back to life. No one wants to start from scratch with a new website.

After I diagnose the friction customers may be experiencing on your site, fix the issues and boost conversions while we're at it, you'll realize that you can save yourself tons of money and time from a redesign.

With small fixes to your existing theme, you could walk away with a site that feels brand new. Although no one fix is a major change, combined, they make a big impact on your users' behavior for a fraction of the cost.

Ilana has been a major part of our growth and the success of our direct to consumer venture. She's a great partner and we love working with her.Ilana has made everything so easy... thank you!

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Animals Matter

Scott & Nancy
Animals Matter, Shopify store owners

With a Website Rescue, your site can be faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a hyped app! Able to leap competitors in a single bound!

There are dozens of small things that a Website Rescue can do for your site’s usability, SEO and design. A handful of them are:

  • Adding unique value propositions demonstrating why they should buy from you.
  • Improving readability so everyone can read and understand your message.
  • Adding or rewriting strong calls to action to increase conversions.
  • Reviewing content to boost SEO traffic.
  • Eliminating distractions, keeping the focus on your products/services.
  • Improving mobile experiences where 69% of online purchases are made.
  • Adding some accessibility elements where 20% or more of your visitors could have some kind of disability.

What's not included:

  • Graphic Design - I can do some edits based on current assets.
  • Copy Creation - Copy edits or ideas will be shared.
  • Installation and setup of new apps - I'll recommend apps based on your needs.

We are loving our refreshed website, especially the multiple-image hover feature which is aesthetically fabulous, but more importantly, we think this will definitely increase engagement by drawing people to click to see more.

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Palette & Parlor

Ivy Simon
Founder, Palette & Parlor, Shopify store owner

Sounds great, right? Here's how we'll put Lex Luthor's schemes on ice

A Website Rescue will cost you $5,000 USD flat. No hidden fees, no variable rates.

The whole process takes 2 weeks. Here’s how it all works:

  1. Discovery - A 1-2 hour session to discuss your goals.
  2. Analysis - I get to work reviewing your website and identifying friction.
  3. Apply - Fixes, tweaks, and quick wins.
  4. Go Live - Theme is updated and you receive a report of what fixes were made.

After your Website has been Rescued, you'll get 30 days of support and minor tweaks.

Optionally, I also offer a 1-year metric review service, completely free. At specific points after your Website Rescue, I'll go into your analytics, pull out relevant metrics we want to measure, and send you a summary report of how things have improved. This is typically done quarterly.

It’s that simple.

During our two weeks, you won't need to be doing the work but you should expect to be available for questions, calls, and check-ins.

We had a very clearly laid out our itinerary for the project in detail yet she was flexible so that we could change things along the way to create an even better result. We've received great customer feedback on the changes Ilana made which will provide a great return on investment. Perhaps I'll be able to increase my salary next year!

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Triple Mountain

Eleda Towle,
Triple Mountain, Shopify store

Your Shopify store needs a superhero

It’s just me, myself, and I so I can only commit to a few projects at a time. Limiting the number of projects allows me to offer the highest level of service while maintaining the closeness to my customers that ensures the best results.

Shopify store owners who know their audience, can easily describe their customer and who are ready to experiment with new ideas to grow your business will get the most out of this opportunity. In addition:

  1. You appreciate open and honest communication.
  2. You allow your audience expectations and business goals to drive design.
  3. You let me do what I do best without nitpicking.

I’m not for everybody so it’s ok to say no.

If you do see a fit, rescue your website today.

Not sure if I’m the right fit for you? Take a look at my testimonials from happy customers, case studies or contact me with any questions you have.

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Spots for my Website Rescue are fully booked, but I am taking waitlist applications.

You can join the waitlist by filling out the form below with as much detail as you are comfortable sharing. I will be reviewing applications as spots become available and will contact you if chosen.

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