Website Rescues Animals Matter

The Results

In the first 3 months after the Website Rescue, Animals Matter had amazing *results:

  • 274% year over year growth in conversions (3.74x the previous year).
  • 87% total sales growth year over year, nearly doubling their sales.
  • 14% decrease in abandoned cart rates.
  • 13% increase in organic searches

They also saw a record-breaking holiday sales season. Each month (Oct-Dec) had unprecedented total sales, beating every month in their store’s history. December smashed even these new records.

The first weekend after removing tabs on the product pages post Website Rescue for Animals Matter, I received the following email:

This is so Awesome!

Thank you…..We didn’t receive any calls over the weekend for Sizing! That’s a First…….

Animals Matter

Scott Avera
Animals Matter Shopify Store


Animals Matter came to me looking to see how they could improve their Shopify store. However, their goal wasn’t focused on increasing sales nor on increasing conversion rates.

Instead, they needed help with reducing the number of customer service phone calls.

At the time, their customer service representative was on a leave of absence and one of the owners was taking customer calls. The number of calls around companion bed sizing was taking too much time from their day. This meant more time responding to customers and less on the actual production of their product, getting orders out the door, and running the business.

How I Helped

The Shopify site for Animals Matter looked great on the surface. A Shopify Plus store that had clearly been doing something right seeing sales figures at par with holiday sales well into the summer. Digging deeper in the discovery of a Website Rescue, I realized their site had plenty of room for optimizations.

With the focus mostly on the homepage and product pages, it was important to ensure the content on the site answered the questions their customers most often asked.

As you look through the before and after photos, you’ll notice some of the changes that stand out the most:

  • Simplifying the navigation menu.
  • Removing video that took up a significant amount of space, both on the browser screen and space that impacted the page load speed.
  • Increasing font sizing for improved readability.
  • Utilizing customer-generated content (UGC) to promote collections.
  • Removing tabs from the product description, hiding valuable content.
  • Adding structure to the product description, drawing the eye to sections such as the size charts.



Animals Matter hompage screenshot before a Website Rescue.


Animals Matter homepage screenshot after a Website Rescue.

Product Page


Animals Matter product page screenshot before a Website Rescue.


Animals Matter product page screenshot after a Website Rescue.

With a Website Rescue, you too can see results like this

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