Your product page is killing conversions - a Shopify meetup recap

In the latest Shopify Meetup Portland, Josh Frank from Test Triggers, shared with us what some brands are doing on their product pages to increase conversions.

Josh shared with us a nifty formula for crafting effective product pages. He calls it S.C.R.I.P.T. Obviously I am gonna ask you to watch the replay to learn what each of these means, which brands got it right, and who can make some improvements to their product pages.

We took a peek at SNOO Smart Sleeper, Evelo Electric Bicycles, BOOM! Cosmetics, Tactical Baby Gear and more.

Stick around to the very end where Josh does some Q&A and specifically talks about how to build trust when you’re a new brand.

Watch the full presentation

Check out Josh Frank, Founder & Head of Optimization at Test Triggers.

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