The Shopify Guide to SMS Marketing - A Shopify Meetup Recap

In the latest webinar from the Shopify Meetup Portland, we welcomed Osa Gaius to talk about SMS Marketing.

I’m new to SMS and knew nothing about it. When Osa shared how SMS works I thought it was pretty interesting.

For example, Osa notes that 82% of consumers read SMS messages within 5 minutes and open rates are 95%. I’m still a huge proponent for emails because I recommend using the same content in articles for SEO purposes. That’s a statistic I can’t look away from. Nor can I disagree. When I get a text message, I almost immediately feel the need to open it to see what it is.

He also mentions using SMS for cart abandonment outreach instead of email. With so many people using mobile devices to shop, this one makes sense to me.

The costs of sending SMS continue to decline as well. Currently, at $0.0075 per message according to Osa, it’s hard to ignore.

Osa does mention some important rules and regulations as well. Such as only sending messages between 8 am-9 pm local time and obtaining explicit consent to receive messages. Failing to do so could land you in hot water. So make sure you use an SMS marketing tool that helps to ensure you stay in compliance.

Stick around for the Q&A session when Osa addresses when to consider using SMS as a marketing tool.

Do you use SMS marketing?

Watch the full presentation.

Checkout Osa Gaius, Founder, and CEO of ParrotMob.

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