The Shopify Guide to SMS Marketing - A Shopify Meetup

By Ilana Davis

We’ve got two more Shopify Meetups planned before the end of the year. On Tuesday, September 22nd, we welcome Osa Gaius as he shares his knowledge and experience on SMS marketing.

If you’re concerned about new and different ways to market your Shopify store, this meetup is for you!

The Shopify Guide to SMS Marketing webinar will explore the ins and outs of SMS marketing. We’ll cover how SMS works, the complex laws that govern SMS, and major SMS tools to use for Shopify.

I know absolutely nothing about SMS marketing and can’t wait for Osa to share how this all works.

Osa Gaius is the founder and CEO of ParrotMob, a conversational commerce platform for leading Shopify brands. In his free time, he enjoys hiking and composing music.


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