Setting Up Facebook Ads with Shopify: A Shopify Meetup Recap

By Ilana Davis

A few weeks ago I messaged a friend of mine about Facebook Ads. Personally, I don’t do ads at all. At least not now. But that puts me in a rough position when my clients ask me about ads and if now was a good time to invest in Facebook Ads.

I heard the cost of ads had dropped dramatically which confused me because so many more people were home, in front of social media, spending hours on Facebook. Naturally, I would have assumed the ad cost was going up.

So I asked my friend Brett Fish, Founder and Principal at SCOPO Marketing.

What we’re seeing across our managed accounts is a drop in the CPM (cost per thousand people reached), and a small increase (10% or less) in the cost per conversions – such as the cost per purchase. This makes sense – there are more people home and available and using social media more, so it would undoubtedly improve the volume of delivery for the same cost over the same time period. And with some uncertainty about jobs and the economy, the slight uptick in cost per conversion seems logical.

Ok, so I wasn’t wrong but Facebook ads certainly seem more accessible across the board then.

Brett continued…

Right now there are more people on their social media than maybe ever before. It’s a great time for branding and exposure with social ads – with the caveat of being aware/smart of the situation we’re all in and making sure your ads don’t come off as insensitive or disconnected. More people are shopping online and that trend will continue, so online sellers have a great opportunity to grow awareness right now.

Grow Awareness! Heck yes!

Now how the heck do you connect your Facebook with Shopify (not crazy hard at all) and how do you set up Facebook ads? I know it’s confusing for so many just getting started.

Without hesitation, Brett and I decided to hold a training for our local Shopify Meetup on getting started with Facebook ads.

Brett was kind enough to walk-through each step of the building and launching a best-practice social advertising campaign. The comprehensive walk-through took us from structuring campaigns, through targeting audiences and creating effective ads that connect with your customers.

Don’t worry! It was recorded and now available for your viewing pleasure!

A quick tip before watching the video though. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to create and have a Facebook Business Manager account in place (which you can do by going to and follow the steps, or following this help article We walked through the Business Manager, and often Facebook won’t allow you to take certain steps unless you have an existing account for at least a few days.

Be sure to stick around until the end of the presentation. The audience had great questions around chatbots, community-driven customer service, speed testing, and comparing platforms.

Watch the full presentation

Check out SCOPO Marketing and learn about how they help ambitious brands use the power and precision of social media advertising.


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