Risks and Rewards of Custom Shopify Development Work - A Shopify Meetup Recap

By Ilana Davis

If you missed the latest Shopify meetup where we discussed the Risks and Rewards of Custom Shopify Development, you really missed out! (Don’t worry, the full replay is available below)

Anne Thomas, Co-founder of Design Packs answered every question you could think of when determining when to go custom or not.

First, Anne explored the difference between using Shopify apps from the app store and custom apps. She shared that using the Shopify app store is usually most effective when you’re trying to solve a problem that is common across the majority of Shopify stores. The best custom apps are built when you’ve been doing things the “hard way” and know exactly the process you need to replace.

Then, we discussed Shopify theme development and if it’s “safe” to buy themes from outside the theme store. Anne’s suit analogy when it comes to investing in themes was really helpful in understanding all the different ways Shopify store owners could look at their theme usage.

She also shares how talk with your developer to ensure you get exactly what you need.

I won’t spoil her amazing tips too much. Trust me though when I say you won’t want to miss this full recording.

Watch the full replay

Contact Anne Thomas and checkout Design Packs for some cool sections you can easily plug into your store.


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