Product Page Killing Conversions AND Store design review

Next week are two amazing events that you won’t want to miss.

First, on Tuesday March 16th at 1:30pm pacific, Josh Frank, Founder and Head of Optimization at Test Triggers, will take us through what’s working, or not on product pages. Josh has helped countless ecommerce businesses boost their revenue with conversion optimizations. With nearly a thousand A/B tests, Josh is able to distill the true optimization tactics from the b.s.

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Then, on Thursday, March 18th at 1:30pm pacific, join me on Shopify Compass where I’ll do some live store reviews. For your chance to get your store reviewed and get feedback on what your customers may be thinking when they visit your site, make sure you show up early as we’ll be asking for store submissions on the fly.

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Ok, I lied, there are 3 events!

One more event that I couldn’t pass up sharing with you. Did you know there is a Women In Shopify meetup? On March 17th at 3pm pacific, we’ll be celebrating one year together. Each event starts with a few introductions leading into small networking groups before moving to the speaking portion. This month, they are welcoming a panel of amazing women on growth marketing.

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