Google Analytics for eCommerce: The Metrics That Matter

I’ve been wanting to do a Shopify meetup on Google Analytics and am so excited to share an upcoming webinar with you.

On August 24th at 3 pm PDT, we’ll welcome Kate Collinson for our next virtual meetup on Google Analytics for eCommerce: The Metrics That Matter.

Data can be overwhelming, but it’s essential to growing your online store. So what are the metrics that really matter in eCommerce and how do they impact your revenue? And how can you analyze them effectively to draw actionable insights that will impact your sales? Kate will cover all this and more!

Kate Collinson is an eCommerce consultant and growth marketer, passionate about using data to drive online revenue. She has over a decade’s experience growing online brands in New York City and Australia, specializing in Shopify and Plus. Some call her a “digital Swiss army knife”, with a skillset spanning strategy and analytics, design and code. She currently works with Aussie clients including Nimble Activewear, The Daily Edited and Liberty Belle Rx to grow online brands through data, email, advertising and CRO.

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