Drive revenue and increase customer lifetime value by offering product protection

Cross-selling is a great way to drive more revenue and add value for your customers.

For example, you encourage a customer who is buying a computer to get a protection plan at the same time, that’s cross-selling.

We’ve seen product protection plans for years, why not make it part of your product offering?

That’s why I’m excited to welcome Chloe Fisher on September 14th at 1pm pacific to the next Virtual Shopify Meetup Portland.

Historically, product protection has been a tremendous undertaking for brands. From the time it takes to get licensing, to developing the front end, to building out a team to support warranties claims, I could go on.

These programs have been reserved for only the Best Buys and Apples of the world. While major corporations make massive revenue on warranties, it has left the modern eCommerce merchant at a competitive disadvantage.

There’s a need for Shopify stores of all sizes to offer product protection contracts to stay competitive and increase profit on the products already being sold. Clyde is democratizing the product protection space so that merchants can offer warranties. Driving more revenue, increasing D2C sales, and adding longevity to your relationship with customers.

We’ll dive into why product protection coverage is essential in scaling your Shopify store and share some examples of how business are using Clyde.

Register for the event here:

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