What listening to an annoying kid can teach you about email marketing

By Ilana Davis

We live in an area where we walk everywhere. Really, we don’t have a car.

Usually, my daughter wants to walk next to me and it’s the perfect opportunity for us to talk. An opportunity I won’t pass up.

It can be a struggle though.

She’s often got a case of the blah-blah-blahs.

A 30-minute walk turns into her mostly darting from one topic to the next. She gets so confused by her randomness that she loses track of her point.

That’s when I taught her about W.A.I.T.

Have you heard the acronym W.A.I.T? Why Am I Talking. I use this a lot with my kiddo and it’s especially helpful when she’s just making noise for the sake of noise. Parents, you know what I mean!

Any store that creates content or email marketing should consider using W.A.I.T too.

Too many e-commerce shops send generic emails with no point. Emails might have a headline and the body with product photos and that’s all. Providing ZERO value to their receiver. Why are you even sending an email?

Similarly, we can use W.I.M.P. What Is My Purpose?

What’s the purpose of the email? What is it you want me to do when I see your email? What is the goal you’re trying to accomplish?

Without a purpose to your email, you as the writer, are going to struggle to create content and build a strong call to action. Then the receiver is clueless on what they are supposed to do as well.

When deciding on your purpose, there are two general areas.

  1. Informing them about upcoming sales, promotions, or special events.
  2. Updating them on the latest content you have to offer such as a new or blog post.

Once deciding on your purpose, it will be much easier for you as the writer to guide the reader.

Let’s say you’re reminding them that St. Patricks Day is coming up and you’re offering a discount.

Headline: It’s your lucky day
Body: (Cute graphic) Lucky You. We’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with 17% off select items and free shipping on orders over $17. (List a few products below that are included in the sale) Shop Now with code LUCKY

If you don’t have a purpose, don’t send an email.

TIP: Don’t forget to add alt text to your images!

If your email is going to junk mail or for some reason, the images don’t appear properly, with alt text, they will still be able to see what you’ve intended to show them but with words instead of an image. You may also find value in a Website Rescue where I look at a variety of areas where you may have a case of the blah blah blah’s.


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