Link one-of-a-kind products to other collections or products

By Ilana Davis

A customer asked what to do with one-of-a-kind vintage art products once they are sold out.

Their current process is to mark the product as out of stock and ask the customer to contact them for similar products. They found, however, that in most cases, the customer never contacts them.

One solution is to recommend alternative products to customers when the product is out of stock.

Vintage products may be more challenging. Linking to another product that is also a one-of-a-kind product is great, but when that's sold out too, then what?

Linking to an entire collection rather than a specific product may be the golden ticket. This way you don't have to curate each product.

For example, if The Beatles record is no longer available, you can link to a collection of "artists that defined a generation". If your vintage chess board is no longer available, you can link to a collection of "kid's games".

You can now link one collection to another or to and from products with Linking Llama.

Linking Llama collection page example that shows links to two collections and one product

You can even select to link collections with products and select only available products or all available and unavailable products. When you select only the available products, the out-of-stock product will link to the collection, but the collection will not link back to the unavailable product.

Linking Llama app example of linking from a collection to/from an out of stock product and selecting to only show product links if the product is available.

Products that are out of stock don't have to be a death sentence to your revenue. You can still make money on discontinued products with Linking Llama.


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Linking Llama

Link discontinued products to their best substitute. Keep discontinued products published on your website and continue to benefit from traffic to these pages.