Turn discontinued products into opportunities with Linking Llama

By Ilana Davis

How many times have you searched for a product and found the perfect one, only to discover that it's been discontinued? Even worse, the store gave you no help in finding an alternative.

Frustrating, right?

Your customers may be feeling the same frustration with your store if products are out of stock.

Products you worked so hard to get into Google are now the dreaded dead-end page. And customers who land there are seeing a '404 error' or 'out of stack' message and bouncing.

What if you could pave a path for that organic traffic from your discontinued product to where you want it? Then, suddenly, your discontinued products become a source of traffic, and you can still make the sale.

Over the last few weeks, I've been hard at work behind the scenes building a new Shopify App.

Linking Llama is a Shopify app that allows you to add a nicely designed link to comparable or alternative products at the top of the product page.

Example of Linking Llama's app section on a sold out product linking to an alternative product that shows the product image, title, and price.

It works on all Shopify 2.0 themes with an easy toggle on/off without adding any code.

The app helps your customers navigate your products by:

  • directing users away from discontinued products and onto substitutes
  • displaying alternatives to help customers who want similar products
  • linking one-off antiques or custom-made products where only one is available
  • promoting complimentary, comparable, or related products to suit their needs

All the while boosting your SEO by:

  • preventing de-indexing from dead-end 404 errors
  • lowering bounce rates by giving customers somewhere relevant to go
  • keeping discontinued products and their rankings live on your website
  • signaling to Google which products are important through internal links

Take a look at Linking Llama today and try it out with a 14-day free trial. See how you like it and how it can help your store and your customers.


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Linking Llama

Link discontinued products to their best substitute. Keep discontinued products published on your website and continue to benefit from traffic to these pages.