JSON-LD for SEO Magical Review Integrations

By Ilana Davis

JSON-LD for SEO tries to integrate with as many product review apps as possible. That way your review data can be added to the Google Search results.

Many of the review apps use the correct Shopify APIs so the integrations are easy.

But not all of them.

Some apps even charge you extra in order to access that data.

I’ve been wanting to solve this for a long time. I feel like you’ve put so much effort into collecting quality product reviews from your customers, you should be able to use and benefit from them everywhere you can. Especially in the search results.

That’s where JSON-LD for SEO’s new Magical Review Integrations come in.

These integrations workaround apps that don’t use the Shopify APIs to store their review data. The integrations magically grab the review data and add it so JSON-LD for SEO and Google can see the data correctly.

The end result is that you can get your reviews into Google Search results.

Current Magical Review Integrations

The following apps have Magical Review Integrations and should work with JSON-LD for SEO.

In addition to the list of Magical Review Integrations above, if your review provider includes the aggregateRating markup for your products, we may also be able to integrate with them.

If you don’t see your app here, check the officially supported review apps. Those integrations don’t need to rely on magic to work.

Using the Magical Review Integrations

The Magical Review Integrations are designed to be easy to use.

Login to the app and in the review settings there’s an option to select which one to use. After selecting your review app and ensuring JSON-LD for SEO is turned on for your store, we will automagically add the code needed for your specific reviews app.

Then all you have to do is to wait for Google.

Limitations of the Magical Review Integrations

Since the Magical Review Integrations have to work around your product reviews app, they can be fragile. If your vendor changes their review code or shifts the data around, they could break these integrations.

I’ll do what I can to keep the integrations working with JSON-LD for SEO so you can use your data, but I can’t guarantee they’ll work all the time or that they’ll be without problems.

The best way to think of these are as a bonus to JSON-LD for SEO: normally you wouldn’t get the reviews at all, so when the Magical Integrations work your store is better off. If it stops working, you’re just back to where you were.

Performance cost

JSON-LD for SEO and the regular review integrations have a near zero performance impact. They run on Shopify’s servers and take advantage of Shopify’s caching and optimization systems. It also has no JavaScript so your customers don’t experience any performance issues.

When using the Magical Review Integrations, some JavaScript is added to your store in order to do the magic.

This JavaScript is highly optimized so it’s fast. For the more technical minded, it is:

  • fully minimized, around 2K in total size.
  • embedded in Shopify so there are no external requests.
  • only used on your product page.
  • uses only vanilla JavaScript, no third party libraries are used (so unlike other apps there won’t be 7 different copies of jQuery installed…)
  • scoped so only a single object is exposed.
  • only activated once your specific reviews app loads its data and then shuts off.

Turn off the Magical Review Integrations

To disable the Magical Review Integrations just change the setting inside of the app to "OFF" or select one of the regular integrations.



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