Klaviyo Reviews and BazaarVoice (and more) now integrate with JSON-LD for SEO

By Ilana Davis

Welcome Klaviyo Reviews and BazaarVoice as the latest review apps to Magically integrate with JSON-LD for SEO.

With these integrations, you can now show your product reviews from Klaviyo Reviews and BazaarVoice directly in search results. This means you'll be able to qualify for full Rich Results.

The list of review apps that integrate with JSON-LD for SEO keeps growing!

But wait there's more...

As part of this update to the Magical Review Integrations, we may be able to integrate with even more product review apps. All they have to do is provide the aggregateRating markup for your products.

If in the past I've told you we can't integrate with a particular review app, that may now be possible with JSON-LD for SEO. It all depends on the data they provide.

If JSON-LD for SEO doesn't integrate with your current review provider, contact me. I'll see if our updated Magical Integration will work.


Get more organic search traffic from Google without having to fight for better rankings by utilizing search enhancements called Rich Results.

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