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    Shopify Apps

    JSON-LD for SEO

    Get more organic search traffic from Google without having to fight for better rankings by utilizing search enhancements called Rich Results.

    Linking Llama

    Link discontinued products to their best substitute. Keep discontinued products published on your website and continue to benefit from traffic to these pages.

    Shopify Services

    Business Strategy Call

    Not sure what you need? Questions about your Shopify website without a larger commitment are best done over a quick call. Reserve your call and get answers to your questions.

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    Innersloth Among Us
    Dutch Bros
    Animals Matter
    Sonya Dakar
    Palette & Parlor
    Harney Tea
    Triple Mountain Model Horses
    Be Good To People
    Paxos Skin Care
    Pink Pig
    Long Lost Tees
    Buttons for the People

    Kind Words from Clients

    Joining forces with my fantastic clients to bring down their villains.

    Sales are up and our website looks great. I would recommend Ilana to other business owners who need to establish, improve, or upgrade their websites to operate effectively online.

    Palette and Parlor

    Ivy Simon
    Founder, Palette & Parlor, Shopify store

    Ilana gave recommendations from the navigation menu to the product variations and it was exactly what I needed to whip my site into shape. I've just totally revamped my Shopify website for the better. I highly recommend a Website Review to anyone looking for an honest and informed review of their website. 

    Buttons for the People

    River Wolfe
    Buttons for the People, Shopify store

    The Website Review was incredibly helpful. I truly appreciated her honesty and professional approach. It was also great to have the video for future references instead of jumping on a phone call. Without a doubt, I’d recommend this service to others.

    Pink Pig

    Debb Schrodt
    Pink Pig Shopify store

    Ilana really listened to my concerns, fixed my Shopify site, and shared the why and what behind what needed to be done. My website is much better working and so much more functional. I learned a lot and love my website.

    Florencia Beauty

    Florencia Beauty, Shopify store

    I had nearly 100 Google warnings on my Shopify homepage alone, let alone each of my product pages, causing concerns around what structured data was valid and if I could get Rich Results. I’d recommend her services again. She’s a solid communicator, fast turn around (within a day), and overall great experience.

    Three Drops of Life

    Jeff Curtis
    Three Drops of Life Shopify store

    Thanks to Ilana, PDXWIT now has a website that matches the high caliber organization we are. It is a vast improvement in every way possible: user experience, accessibility, design aesthetic. She taught me a lot about accessibility and how to create a beautiful site that can reach audiences of all types.

    Elizabeth Stock
    Executive Director, Portland Women in Technology

    Simply blown away by the quality of feedback - super detail-oriented, relevant, and incredibly useful. As the owner, sometimes I'm too close to the store to notice if anything that is off. An hour of Ilana dissecting the site is pure gold.


    John Chen
    Owner, PoshShoppe, Shopify Store

    I was too close to my Shopify store and thought that a beautiful site was enough to make sales. Working with Ilana showed me where I could make minor changes to increase conversions while keeping the integrity of the design. Her advice was entirely objective, focusing on generating more conversions and better SEO for the site.

    Shopify store

    Anyone who has had a website for a few years, even if it's working well, should have an outside expert go through it with a fresh pair of eyes. Ilana very clearly laid out our itinerary for the project in detail. We've received great customer feedback on the changes Ilana made which will provide a great return on investment.

    Triple Mountain

    Eleda Towle
    Triple Mountain, Shopify store


    Become your own superhero with these Shopify tips and tricks.

    Why Rich Results might appear for some products but not others

    Jul 9, 2024

    1 min read

    Most of the time the specific Rich Results depend on Google. Not seeing Rich Results could be from any of the following reasons:

    Add shipping and returns information into structured data

    Jul 2, 2024

    2 min read

    Transparent shipping and returns information matter to your customers. Make sure they can see them directly in search results.

    Optimize Shopify SEO & Ads with ProductGroup structured data

    Jun 25, 2024

    4 min read

    Boost Shopify SEO with ProductGroup markup for accurate product data, improved Rich Results, and seamless Merchant Center integration.

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