Why Rich Results might appear for some products but not others

By Ilana Davis

There are many reasons why some products might not have Rich Results. Sometimes it’s from your store:

  • If you don’t have the correct structured data on the page, it may not qualify for full Rich Results. Using JSON-LD for SEO would solve this.
  • Your store might be blocking search engines from viewing the page. This could be password-protected or custom noindex page setting.
  • Another more relevant URL is used. This is common when your theme links to product pages with a collection URL and can cause Google to split its focus.
  • Something on your page or site has prompted Google to not award Rich Results to any of your pages. Very rare and potentially difficult to diagnose.

Most of the time the specific Rich Results depend on Google. If all of the above are fine for your store, not seeing Rich Results could be from any of the following reasons:

  • The URL could be new and in the analysis process. (What is considered new? Only Google knows)
  • The page might not have been crawled recently.
  • The page might not meet Google’s quality guidelines yet (e.g. amount of content, number of links, etc).
  • The page could have Rich Results but your specific search on that specific device from that particular location didn’t show them.

When in doubt you can always try to improve a page’s SEO. Adding content and links to a specific page usually helps SEO and the Rich Results analysis.

In the end, the types of Rich Results Google shows and the data they use are up to their algorithm. JSON-LD for SEO always includes as much structured data as you have set up including the prices, availability, and reviews. It depends on their algorithm if they show something or not.

Adding structured data makes your site eligible for Rich Results. Google does not guarantee Rich Results will be shown nor do they guarantee that all results will receive Rich Results.

The only other thing I've seen that can influence them is improving the page quality through regular SEO optimizations (e.g. title, content, backlinks). In general, the higher quality pages are visited more frequently and rewarded more by Google, including Rich Results.


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