Shopify Blunders BINGO Card

A list of all 25 spots on the bingo card: missing product reviews, “world-changing”, everything on sale, home, “subscribe to our mailing list”, “sign up and stay up to date on us”, “award-winning”, “powered by Shopify”, instagram feed, empty product descriptions, social share buttons, missing phone number, FREE space, “featured products”, “learn more”, 16 point font instead of 16 pixel, “I” focused language, sliders / carousels, spin the wheel to reveal your discount, popup on page load, “the best ingredients”, “welcome to”, video on auto-play, “featured collection”, and “someone from ____ just bought”

I’ve got a fun game for you to play. Go ahead, take a break. You deserve it.

It will take 10 minutes!

Download the Shopify Blunders Bingo Card or see the list below (Squarespace site owners you can use this too).

For each of these, you find on your site, mark a box. The more boxes you have checked, the more friction there is on your Shopify or Squarespace site.

I’m curious about how many BINGOs you get. Let me know or tell me how many squares you had to check off.

  • missing product reviews
  • “world-changing”
  • everything on sale
  • home
  • “subscribe to our mailing list”
  • “sign up and stay up to date on us”
  • “award-winning”
  • “powered by Shopify”
  • instagram feed
  • empty product descriptions
  • social share buttons
  • missing phone number
  • FREE space
  • “featured products”
  • “learn more”
  • 16 point font instead of 16 pixel
  • “I” focused language
  • sliders / carousels
  • spin the wheel to reveal your discount
  • popup on page load
  • “the best ingredients”
  • “welcome to”
  • video on auto-play
  • “featured collection”
  • “someone from ____ just bought”

These are all things you can solve!

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