Digital Marketing Virtual Shopify Meetup Recap and Video

Jessica Grossman shared some wonderful insights in our latest Shopify meetup on Full-Circle Digital Marketing.

As with any marketing technique, creating a strategy and plan by brainstorming ideas and choosing which channels or touch points you want to focus on. Skipping this part will leave you feeling scattered.

Jess recommended planning at least one month out but ideally having a strategy for three months is better. Anything longer than that makes it harder to iterate.

She also discussed ideas on how to determine which channels are right for your business and recommended creating a plan around when, how, and with what types of content you post.

Coming up with content can be the hardest part for many Shopify stores. Sure you can use user generated content, but what if you don’t have any yet.

In this case, I’d recommend you watch the presentation. Jessica gives a few ideas on how to create photography and videography that highlights your products and how to use the content across all the different mediums.

A big thank you to Jessica Grossman from In Social.

Catch the full replay.

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