Building a brand story that increases conversions - A PDX Shopify Meetup Recap

By Ilana Davis

This week marked the first PDX Shopify Meetup and it was fantastic. Charlotte Chipperfield, Founder and Chief Storyteller of Chipperfield Media, walked us through how to develop our own brand story that resonates with our customers.

Providing clarity around what you do, giving yourself direction on your marketing tactics and creating a memorable experience for customers is reason enough to create a brand narrative, yet so many people do it poorly.

Creating Your Brand

Charlotte shared a few simple steps to create a brand, which in it of itself isn’t Shopify specific. However, when I hear from merchants that they aren’t getting sales, the way you market your company could be a factor in converting sales.

Discover your why

Why does your company exist? Unpack your mission and aspirational statements. What are your values and why are they your values?

Discover your audience

Who are you talking to? What’s their demographic and find out where they hang out?

Discover your hero

Is your hero your customer or your product/service? Is your value proposition for your customer or for you? The answer should be your customer.

Discover your content

Are you creating content that feeds back to your value proposition? Alternate between your values or aspirational values in your content to create cohesiveness.

Discover your benefit

What are the benefits of your product or service? Do you remind your customers how you can help them solve their problems and change their life?

She has a great quiz on her homepage you can take as well to determine the effectiveness of your branding. Check out Chipperfield Media and learn more about creating a brand that fits your audience.

Are you curious where your website stands with branding? Part of my Website Review takes a look at your value proposition and messaging.

The Website Review is a low-cost way to gauge your site and evaluate what areas can be improved upon, especially around branding.


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