Beyond Conversions: Strategies for Retaining Customers - A PDX Shopify Meetup Recap

By Ilana Davis

This week marked the second PDX Shopify Meetup and it was more than anyone could hope for. Maxwell Foley, CEO and Co-founder of Caravel, gave an enlightening presentation on strategies for retaining customers.

Watch the full presentation

First, easing us into how we can measure customer retention with formulas such as Customer Acquisition Costs, Average Order Value, and Customer Lifetime Value before explaining what he says is probably one of the most important metrics of customer retention. Customer Value Exchange, which is about understanding what customers value, not your brand, and reward those values.

Then, Max leads us through three strategies with examples of brands that knock them out of the park.

Customer Service

Negative customer experience has a larger impact on your businesses than those who have a positive experience. Why? Because those who have negative experiences are more likely to vocalize their experience. Max continues to share how to ensure positive experiences for your customers and gives you clear examples of how you can structure your customer service.

Customer Loyalty

Building a loyalty program is fairly simple, however doing it right, could make or break your organization. Max gives great advice for those just starting out and reminds us that we have to compete beyond free shipping and discounts.

Customer Feedback

Creating a feedback loop allows e-commerce, well all businesses, to iterate on their process, products, and services. Max shares some great examples of companies who’ve started by reaching out to customers before scaling to using tools to get the feedback automatically. Don’t forget to use reviews as social proof and share feedback publicly. Remember that if one person had a question or issue, others may have experienced something similar.

Be sure to stick around until the end of the presentation. The audience had great questions around chatbots, community-driven customer service, speed testing, and comparing platforms.

Check out Caravel and learn more about qualitative analytics for today’s customer-obsessed brands.

Watch the full presentation


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