Variety Packs should link to individual products

By Ilana Davis

A while back my husband bought a variety pack of endurance flavors for him to try during his longer runs.

The variety pack had 12 different flavors, of which he had no idea which flavors he would like. So we figured this allows him to sample each to see which flavor he likes best.

Variety packs are a fantastic way to encourage your customers to sample other products they wouldn't normally try.

Starter Kit product with 12 different flavors of Endurance Fuel and Recovery Mix for runners.

After he got the pack, he was very careful to make a mental note of the flavors he liked best. He saved the bags of the ones he wanted and tossed the ones that didn't make the final cut. Anyone who knows him knows he's super meticulous like this but not all your customers will be this diligent.

A few months later, it was time to stock up for an upcoming run. He still had the product page saved in his email so he was able to find the variety pack link.

The only problem now was that the individual products weren't linked on the product page.

That meant he had to search for the ones he liked and hoped he could find the right ones. Perhaps not a terrible experience but when there are 12 different flavors from two different product types and no list of what those flavors are except for in the product image, it may not have the best experience either.

There is a better way.

If only they would have linked directly to the individual products with Linking Llama. This would have ensured he had the exact flavor and the type he was looking for. So much easier.

By linking to the individual products, customers are able to select the products they already know they love without having to search through the site to find the one they want.

A variety pack of Bow Headbands example linked to individual products included in the variety pack.

I know what you're thinking. If we show them the individual products, they won't buy as much.

Not true. There are other levers to pull that you can test. Try free shipping thresholds, quantity discounts, and other cross-sell opportunities. But that's for another article.


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