Time to work on your SEO

By Ilana Davis

We say this every month, but can you believe it’s already May?!

That means, for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, that summer is fast approaching.

If your busy season is here, wishing you lots of luck and hoping you kick butt.

For those who may have a bit of a reprieve, now is a great time to work on your SEO strategies. Especially if your busy season is during the holidays.

It can take months for your SEO to get going and we’re about six months out from peak holiday shopping.

I know it seems far away, but it will be here before you know it.

Here are 5 things you can be working on right now to improve your SEO:

  1. Pick 10 of your most visited pages and optimize their page titles and meta descriptions.
  2. Choose 3 collections to add or optimize a collection description.
  3. Test pulling your product descriptions out from behind tabs or accordions.
  4. Write 1 or 2 articles that answer the common questions your customers have.
  5. Add alt text to images across your site.


For an easy SEO win, make sure you have JSON-LD for SEO installed. For most customers, they see Rich Results from Google in 34 days, for others, it can take longer.

Rich Results can give you a good traffic boost. Even if they don’t buy from you now, they may remember you when they are ready to buy.

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Linking Llama

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