Structured data checklist for your Shopify SEO

By Ilana Davis

When you dive into the world of structured data and, there’s a lot to take in and it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

There are thousands of fields that supports and Google only uses a few hundred of them. Structured data has applications outside of SEO which is why the majority of fields are ignored by search engines and don’t impact SEO.

Structured data doesn't come with magical pixie dust to help you rank better. It's more about taking the content you already have and matching it with pre-defined fields.

You want to provide enough structured data for search engines to understand the page without stuffing the ballot box.

Use this checklist to help you determine if the Product and Business structured data on your Shopify theme are good enough.

When evaluating your store, there are 2 essential questions to answer.

  1. Do you have all the structured data types?
  2. Is the structured data good enough?

Get the checklist

At the bottom of the checklist, add up your points to calculate your total score. You'll know right away if your structured data needs help.

Don't want to asses your pages?

No worries!

Email me and I'd be happy to do a free structured data audit for your store.

Having ALL the possible fields Google uses, well that’s not as good as having the all the fields Google uses and the code is stable. Working with a trusted developer or app to provide the structured data is just as important.

Google makes regular updates to its structured data requirements. So it's important to have a trusted partner who is keeping up on this.

That's why thousands of Shopify stores trust JSON-LD for SEO.


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