The changes to your Shopify theme made by JSON-LD for SEO

JSON-LD for SEO installs a single snippet called json-ld-for-seo.liquid into your theme’s snippets directory. It also adds a single line of code including this snippet into the bottom your theme.liquid layout.

The snippet renders the appropriate type of JSON-LD markup for the page, whether you’re on a regular content page, product page, article page, or any other Shopify page.

I do not recommend making changes to json-ld-for-seo.liquid. This is because as new JSON-LD features become available, they are automatically added to your store so that you can benefit from them without having to manually do anything. This means that any changes you make to json-ld-for-seo.liquid will be lost.

If you or your developer do have the need for some custom JSON-LD, get in contact with me to let me know what you need. If the change you’re after is something that could benefit all users of the app, I’d be happy to build it in to the app itself. I’ve done this for many customers already to the benefit of everyone.

Uninstalling JSON-LD for SEO

If for some reason you’d like to uninstall JSON-LD for SEO and remove it’s snippet, you just need to do the following.

1. Remove the snippet from your theme’s layout

Open your layout/theme.liquid file and look near the bottom for a comment saying This line added automatically by JSON-LD for SEO. Remove that comment and the {% include 'jsonld-for-seo' %} that follows it.

Removing that will no longer load the snippet of code from the app.

2. (optionally) Delete the snippet file

To completely purge JSON-LD for SEO, you can also remove the snippet file itself. It’s located in snippets/json-ld-for-seo.liquid.

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Get more organic search traffic for your Shopify store