Making your Rich Results more visible

By Ilana Davis

Knowing when you receive Rich Results has always been very challenging.

Google doesn't make Rich Results data available. Nor do they have a report or tool that allows you to check on your Rich Results. Other SEO apps may report on some organic features which is great. But they can't report on how many of your organic results have Rich Results.

The monitoring of Rich Results has always been a manual process. That's very difficult for you to do when you have a million other things to worry about for your business.

That's why when you install JSON-LD for SEO, we not only check on your results but also notify you when you've won Rich Results.

Because monitoring of Rich Results was so popular, customers on the annual plans will also receive ongoing monitoring of your Rich Results. This helps to make sure nothing happens that could cause you to lose Rich Results.

I also wanted to make your results more visible to you. When you log into JSON-LD for SEO, you'll see a Results tab. In there, you'll find

  • the types of Rich Results found,
  • how many results found with Rich Results,
  • screenshots (for those on the annual plan), and
  • the number of days Rich Results took to show up.

Rich Results Monitoring example from JSON-LD for SEO showing the number, type, date, days, screenshots and notes of when Rich Results were found

We'll continue to add more results so you can see what your results look like from time to time.

The Results feature is available to all JSON-LD for SEO customers who have the Plus+ or Annual plans.

If you don't have JSON-LD for SEO or if you've had the app for a while and your plan doesn't include ongoing monitoring, you can always sign up for the Annual Plan.

Everyone on the Annual Plan will get the initial check to make sure the structured data looks good and is working properly as well as the ongoing monitoring updates.

Hopefully, this sort of stuff will help to make Rich Results less mysterious and more visible to you.


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