Metafield tools

JSON-LD for SEO has some advanced features that can be enabled using metafields.

Metafields act as extended data in Shopify but they aren’t shown anywhere to administrators.

Shopify has begun rolling out native metafields (meaning you don’t need an app) which is awesome. Unfortunately, as of Summar 2022, native metafields aren’t yet available at the store level.

Until Shopify rolls native metafields out completely, a metafield app may still be needed.

Recommended tools

You can use either the native Shopify metafields, the Shopify API, a Shopify App, or another tool to create and update metafields.

Below is a list of recommended tools to manage your metafields if Shopify’s native metafields are not sufficient. These aren’t developed or supported by me but have come recommended by Shopify experts and store owners.

Try one or two and use the one that you like the most.

  • Metafields Guru – Shopify app. This is what I use most of the time.
  • MetaFields Editor – Shopify app. It’s free and quick but the interface is kinda developerish and it only supports Product metafields
  • Metafields2 – Shopify app
  • Shopify FD – Chrome extension or browser extension (not sure if this is actually supported anymore)
  • Shopify Custom Fields – Chrome extension or browser extension

JSON-LD namespace

All metafields intended for JSON-LD for SEO should be placed under the jsonld namespace.

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