Keeping it local

By Ilana Davis

Whenever possible we try to visit the local shops first to see if we can find a product before going to other giants. So naturally as stores started to close unexpectedly, we were pretty disappointed. We loved being able to walk down to the family-owned toy store a few blocks away and support our community.

Last week, Shopify held their annual conference virtually where they announced that local delivery and pickup was going to be rolled out to all Shopify stores.


If you haven’t been in the Shopify admin panel recently, you likely didn’t even realize it was there as it’s tucked away.

Both of these can be found by going to Settings -> Shipping and delivery. There’s a lot of settings to turn on and customize in order to select locations, products, and pricing, but this will be key to helping to keep local shops up and running. Be sure to review Shopify’s docs (linked below) or contact me if you need help.

  1. Local delivery – by delivery radius or by postal code.
  2. Local pickup – setup when orders can typically be picked up (hours or days).

Given these features are still relatively new, I expect some kinks to be worked out soon and added functionality as Shopify learns what works or not.


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