How JSON-LD for SEO gets your Shopify data to Google automatically (hint: no magic involved)

I got a great set of questions from a JSON-LD for SEO customer a few days ago that I wanted to share.

They are great questions because the answer shows how powerful Shopify can be when apps take advantage of Shopify itself.

The question I had was about how/where the JSON-LD lives. Does this get generated and then live in the Shopify database attached to my store? Is it separate from the other JSON data associated with my shop? How would I be able to see it?

The JSON-LD data is added to your Shopify theme so it appears on every page. The app adds a bit of code (liquid) that pulls the data from the Shopify database directly and formats it into JSON-LD.

Then when Google comes along they can automatically detect the JSON-LD data and add it to their search index.

This means that data is always up-to-date.

Change your store name in Shopify? It’s updated in the JSON-LD.

Add a new product? It gets a new set of JSON-LD.

Publish a blog post? You guessed it… the JSON-LD appears.

This means there’s no setup needed. No data to enter. No data to sync.

It really is that automatic.

In fact, the servers that power JSON-LD for SEO could go offline and your store wouldn’t be affected at all.

That’s partially why I’m able to offer it for a one-time charge, instead of the monthly charges that many other SEO apps charge.

Have you installed JSON-LD for SEO yet? If not, what’s stopping you?

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