Hiding out of stock products in Shopify

By Ilana Davis

Looking for a quick an easy solution to hide out of stock products?

Never fear! Shopify can track your inventory, creating a simple solution without having to install an app.

Products Without Variants

To do this, select a product you want to track. Scroll down to the Inventory section and under the Inventory Policy, select Shopify tracks this products inventory.

Inventory section in Shopify products

Products With Variants

Similar process for variants except you have to edit the variants individually before you can see the inventory box.

Inventory tracking for Shopify products with variants

Don’t forget to click Save.

Keep This In Mind

You should also decide if customers can purchase the product when it’s out of stock. But I’m guessing since you’re here asking how to hide out-of-stock products, that’s not what you want to do. So make sure this is not checked.

When a product is sold out, Shopify will increase the opacity of the image just a bit. In other words, increase the transparency so the image doesn’t stand out as much. The product is still listed but now it has Sold Out instead of the pricing.

Example of a sold out product when looking at all products in a store

So what’s an easy way to hide an out-of-stock product?

When you want to hide the product, it’s a bit more complicated. But you can set up a condition for collections that automatically hides the out of stock product.

Click on a collection you want to set a condition for. You’ll see a section called Conditions.

It’s possible that you already have conditions in here especially if your collection is curated based on product tag, product vendor, or product type which are common ways to group collections.

Select the Add another condition button and a new dropdown will appear in the list of conditions. You’ll want to use Inventory stock is greater than 0. This means that only products that have an inventory will appear in the collection.

Setting up a condition for out of stock items in a collection

When you receive new inventory, the product will automatically be added back into the collection.

Let’s say you have 7 variants of a given product. Six variants are in-stock but one is out of stock. The good news is that the product will still be shown in the collection, allowing shoppers to see and purchase what is in stock. It makes sense because at least one of the variants matches the condition we set above.

Of course if you want something more robust that doesn’t require you to manually update each collection, apps are a great option.


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