Google's upcoming changes to Rich Snippets and Rich Cards

Over the past months Google has been making changes to their Rich Snippets and Rich Cards programs. The most visible part is to unite them and call them Rich Results.

(So there’s now another term to learn… thanks Google)

To better understand the impact of these changes, yesterday I did a full review of Google’s Structured Data docs.

Those docs describe all of the search enhancements that Google may add to your store along with the rules and data requirements for them.

All in all, it was about 20 pages of technical documentation.

The good news is that JSON-LD for SEO’s code already covers just about everything that a Shopify store would need.

There’s one new part that I’ll add soon but that part is an optional recommendation by Google. It was also a feature I was already planning to add based on work I did with one store who has been running a version of it for three weeks now.

Suffice it to say, even with these changes coming from Google, JSON-LD for SEO should still be able to deliver the results needed.

If you haven’t installed JSON-LD for SEO yet, this would be a good time.

Depending on what further changes Google makes, you might be forced to update your own structured data. That could require a theme upgrade or custom development, otherwise you might lose out on Rich Results for your store.

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