Google's new Rich Results Tool, not quite ready for Rich Snippet reporting yet

Google has recently released a new tool for checking your Rich Snippets and Rich Cards, the Rich Results Tool.

It promises an easier way to check a page for structured data and report on if the page qualifies for any Rich Results (their new term that combines a few search enhancements).

Unfortunately like many Google products, it’s a beta product and a bit half-baked.

Right now it only supports Recipes, Jobs, Movies, and Courses so it won’t show the Rich Snippets that are more important to Shopify and ecommerce stores (Products and Articles).

Hopefully in the future Google will expand it but for now, I’m sticking with the current Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool and its programmer-centric user-interface.

Here’s an example of what the Rich Results look like for a Recipe from JSON-LD for SEO.

Rich Results Tool showing a Recipe Rich Snippet

With the holidays over and the new year started, have you thought about getting your SEO ready for the upcoming year?

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